What is omarashi

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Omorashi is a fetish centering around people who are desperate to pee or wet themselves. Some omorashi what is omarashi enjoy the feeling of a full bladder, or the feeling of losing control, while others strictly enjoy watching. Pee is sterile when it comes out. However, we need to clearly establish what omorashi is not:. Some omorashi lovers may enjoy these things as well, but they are not part of the omorashi fetish. Omorashi is strictly bladder desperation and wetting. Peeing is taboo. Incontinence in adults is taboo. Any what is omarashi that involves something taboo will be subject to shaming by society.

Many kinksters cycle through phases of acceptance and shame. For omorashi lovers, the high of a desperation and wetting experience often comes with a shameful comedown. Nobody has that right. Like any other kink, the majority will find it weird at best, disgusting or immoral at worst. The latter is unnecessary and often futile.

Many people have been ashamed about their fetish and tried to somehow erase or forget it. A fetish is normally not seen as pathological. For many, it enhances their sex life. Ultimately, omorashi is all of those things and none of them. Just like some people get turned on by earlobes or balloons or latex, some people get off on pee desperation and wetting. When this question is asked on fetish forums, the answers are too many and varied to come up with a one-size-fits-all origin story.

Some people have had an unusual fascination with peeing since childhood, and at some point it turned sexual. Some people have defining events that they link to the origin of their fetish. Some people were merely curious and started experimenting. Some people explore omorashi as an extension of other fetishes, such as the ones mentioned above. Some people were bedwetters as children, others were not. If you get kidney pain, abort immediately. Make sure to drink sensibly. Many fetishes carry risk, but omorashi is a very low-risk fetish, considering it involves inflicting physical pain.

A woman, Jennifer Strange, died after competing in the contest. The cause of death was water intoxication, not holding it too long. The dose makes the poison, and even water becomes poisonous in high enough doses. If you drink too much, your electrolytes—which your body need in order for muscles and nerve cells to fire—become too diluted, and you could die. Water intoxication occurs when you consume way too much liquid over a short period of time.

The best safety advice is not to overdo your water consumption. It takes a whole lot of water to get water intoxication.

What is omarashi

Another tip is to mix it up with energy drinks, which contain electrolytes. The s are obviously subjective, but are meant to give some idea about what state the person is in. These days, the most active forum is omorashi.

What is omarashi

Keep an eye out for the omorashi tag. There are so many misconceptions floating around.

What is omarashi

What is Omorashi? However, we need to clearly establish what omorashi is not: Omorashi is not watersports or golden showers.

What is omarashi

Omorashi is not drinking pee. Omorashi is not peeing on other people. Omorashi is not a fascination with urination in general. Omorashi is not diapers or adult babies, although those fetishes may also involve wetting. Why would anyone get turned on by needing to pee or seeing others who need to pee? There are many elements to it that cross over into other fetishes: Exhibitionism.

Being visibly desperate to pee, or peeing oneself in public is an attention-grabber that some people find arousing. Some people get turned on by being humiliated, or humiliating others. Wetting accidents are certainly embarrassing. The feeling of a desperately full bladder is painful and uncomfortable.

Some people enjoy the pain and discomfort. Paradoxically, sometimes pain equals pleasure. Some people like inflicting pain and discomfort on others, or watching them inflict it upon themselves.

What is omarashi

Knowing the other person is desperately struggling against their own body, or seeing them embarrassed, can be arousing to some. Some people get turned on by watching other people without their knowledge. The morality of which depends entirely on context and that discussion is outside the scope of this FAQ. But how could such a fetish develop? Holding your bladder until it explodes sounds dangerous. But there was a woman who died from holding it too long?

Where can I find out more or meet others who are into omorashi? Source: omofiction-deactivated See the-lost-professor's whole Tumblr.

What is omarashi

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