Downlow men confessions

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Downlow men confessions

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Downlow men confessions

Orientation: Asexual Dating: Single. Still blows my mind how a guy will be like a girl is his Queen and then Downlow men confessions Prince dapped this. I've kind of come to realize maybe many men actually have a bi-sex appetite when it comes to sex. And of course they never admit it. But of course they can't explore that without the label as gay being placed on them right away.

When you look at many "DL" scenarios of all races, many men just really like sex and may want or like the experience of sex with a man. That doesn't make them gay, they just had homosexual sex. They may have no desire to live life with and love a man full time. The whole thing can get very complicated if you ask me. For me its not that hard to figure out.

I personally like everyone falls a lil on the pan-sexual spectrum. BlackguyExecutiveKouncelorSean and 3 others dapped this. ONLY women can get a pass. A woman can eat coochies with no care. A man cannot do that sucking even 1 dingaling lol. The way our social construct is set up and the heteronormative, a man is gay if he does anything sexual not with a female. It will have to be dismantled in order to change.

Religion and the way society views sexuality ain't helping the effort of doing so. BlackguyExecutiveKouncelorLancer and 5 others dapped this.

Downlow men confessions

We need to recognize that sex, sexuality, and love are all completely separate things. LancerSB3Omega Level and 3 others dapped this. Nigerian Prince. Didn't even know this got migrated but umm. I agree with everyone but I feel some kind a waay about a person loving someone and having sex with someone else while still going with that person. If my bf ever did that I would drop him.

Downlow men confessions

No way you "love" but you getting shacked up with someone else. I know you're not saying they should get a pass. I think you either like a man, woman or both or none of the above. I'm the type that is pretty sensitive so it only takes one time for you to cheat on me. I'm less ignorant to some of the things now adays but I also feel like some of this stuff is being made up on the go to excuse folks for their thotish ways. Yes, I'm still dumb enough to think sometimes that if a dude worships his girl that he shouldn't be messing with dudes on the side.

I don't feel like that's love. That to me is some form of betrayal. As I just posted before I knew the post became a thread I was reading another site I need to do a history check or something. I forgot it exactly but it was DL Confessions but it was like some weird stuff but I'm learning a lot more about all this stuff that goes on behind closed door One guy posted that another dude was blackmailing him and making him suck his penis or he would release all the vids to his family and expose him as a gay man and he was asking someone to help him on the site cause he doesn't want to do this anymore but he doesn't want to turn to his family or whatever.

Another post was a dude that had sex with dudes everytime his girlfriend left and went ro work and he said he couldn't stop it downlow men confessions he ended the post saying he loved her. Some of these stories are disturbing but after reading the DL Confessions site linked here I really like it. Maybe because it's older men sharing their experiences that makes it so interesting. My lack of experience with some of this makes it much more entertaining to read.

He also posts pics and stuff which are a bit I actually like listening to old guys talk about their sex lives or downlow men confessions they did in the past I really felt somewayy about the 70 year DL man though I-Stay-Woke dapped this. Winston Smith. BlackguyExecutiveLancerDante and 2 others dapped this.

I'm loving them. Winston Smith dapped this. ControlledXaosmojoreece and Winston Smith dapped this. ControlledXaos and Winston Smith dapped this. What y'all old men up here talking bout now?? Just kidding Oh, Omega Level you just a freak Lol Ya know.

Downlow men confessions

I had a college professor that was maybe late 50's or maybe 60's trying to get in my briefs I felt very uncomfortable around him. He had a wife too. I hate even thinking about him. Listen to you guys talk about sex makes me feel like I'm tuning in to one of those late night sex talk programs on HBO. Old people having sex is icky probably cause they thinking asbout they parents.

After years and years of celibacy I can get buck wild Most folks think once you reach late 20s or 30s A 20 year old is going to smash you like his life depends on it. The white twinks probably things older people have slow dusty sex or something or that old men caan stay hard.

Downlow men confessions

Omega Level dapped this. Winston Smith and ControlledXaos dapped this. I must be in a rush when I be typing. I be going back and reading and seeing typos and I be like. Anyways, that thread with the fine dark skinned muscle butt man. I think the more I think about it the more exciting it seems. I wanna retire with my boyfriend on same damn island and kick and have sex all the time. We downlow men confessions to always joke coming up talking bout old folks be some freaks and it's true.

When I was much younger I was working at a retirement home and them old folks was something else Have you thanking they body parts don't get hard but from reading that DL Confessions site There is this movie I saw one time where it was about this really young guy and he was in love with or had a fetish for elderly folks. It's a real fetish so I was just like Here to more sex as the years progress!!

I think when you're older you tend to be less self conscious about stuff and allow yourself to explore different sides of your sexulaity. This current generation rnb songs by 20 year Olds make me laugh because they swear they doing something. But we all have our path to beat. Older sex becomes more creative and high leveled. You learn your kinks and explore more. It becomes deeper so to speak.

Downlow men confessions

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