When it comes to crafting, February is always a fun time for kids. Along with Valentine’s Day chocolates and goodies come all the special art projects and homemade cards. This holiday craft allows kids to get hands-on and add a personal touch to the cards they give to friends and family. The lucky card recipient can either cherish it as a keepsake or hang it up as a work of art.


  • White construction paper, canvas, or foam board
  • Washable tempera paint in a variety of colors
  • Letter stencils or cardboard (from a cereal box) for your letters (L,O,V,E)
  • Scissors (to cut out letters)
  • Gentle tape such as painters tape
  • Optional: Ribbon to hang the art or a picture frame to frame it. Party tape can be used to tape around the art as a frame.
  1. Cut out letters or use stencils and tape to foam board, canvas, or construction paper. Use a gentle tape so the tape does not stick to the paper when you peel off the letters.
  2. Have your artist finger paint until the whole paper is full of color.
  3. Make sure that paint is applied along the edges of each letter.
  4. If too many white spaces are left by the edges, the letters won’t look like letters when you lift off the stencils.
  5. After the paint is dried, peel away the letters. You will have a beautiful work of art.