Follow the rainbow to a treasure chest full of golden opportunities at the Tulare County Library, especially in the corners of our branch libraries, children’s reading area, history room, and so much more. Gems exist, just waiting to be discovered at the Tulare County Library.

The Tulare County Library, with 17 branches, shares knowledge and bridges gaps between the known and the unknown to our communities. Expert librarians and staff trained to navigate the world of knowledge and technology bring a wealth of experience to their own special area, providing you with the best service possible.

Some of our treasures include those found in the Annie Mitchell History Room. Its vault houses priceless artifacts, like clay tablets with cuneiform, a handwritten letter from John Muir, and historic photographs. Other collections include oral histories from World War II veterans, and the histories and photos of the families sent to the Japanese internment camps. Books and vertical cabinets full of information on family biographies, obituaries, photos, maps, companies and traces of lives known throughout Tulare County are found here.

Our online library services, provided in part from a generous donor and the San Joaquin Valley Library System, give you access 24 hours a day, seven days a week  to all aspects of research and study in history, articles, news, instructions, tutorials, eBooks, eAudiobooks, and digital magazines.

Our Literacy Center reaches out to those who are in need of better reading and writing skills, better job opportunities, citizenship test assistance and GED test preparation. We even have opportunities to assist those interested in completing high school with our online program.

Who could not forget the priceless treasures of the Friends of the Library groups and Foundation. Their generosity and support provide funding to support services, programs and events at all Tulare County Library branches. Join today and you can also help give our communities learning opportunities, growth, and sheer enjoyment.

With so much to highlight in our upcoming articles, we hope that you will enjoy discovering our treasures, beginning with this, our first article of the year. There is so much to discover, so much to become at the Tulare County Library.