Tip #1: Use Your Smart Phone

Got a smart phone? Well good, this is a great opportunity that can help both you and me in diagnosing your car’s issue. When your car makes that funny noise, record it. When something is on the ground under your car, take a picture of it. When a light comes on the dash or you hear something strange, record it, take a video, or snap a picture!

This can save you money and time and will help us figure out what exactly is going on with your vehicle.

Tip #2: Bring Your Car in Several Weeks Before Travel

Are you planning a trip? Great! Are you planning to bring your vehicle in the day before you leave? Bad idea.

Many times we tend to find something that needs to be done that you are not aware of…All of a sudden we are the center of attention. In this situation we often hear, “well can’t you get it done today so I can leave tomorrow?” The answer most likely is “no.” So save yourself some grief and schedule a service a few weeks before you plan on taking off.

Tip #3: Don’t Bring Parts

Don’t bring your own parts with you to have a repair done. Most, if not all, shops will not install the parts. If they do, they will have to double the cost of labor.

Why, you may ask? Well, I will turn around and ask why you decided that was a good idea? We cannot warranty the part and the labor. We make a profit on the parts, we sell them at retail, and we buy them wholesale. That is how we keep our doors open. We then guarantee the parts and labor nationwide. We bet Rock Auto won’t cover your labor.

Have a question? Email me at barlogio@gmail.com and if I use your question, we will do an oil and filter on your car for free. Limit to $50 value.

Jim and Staff
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