When you think of your dad, what word best describes your dad? We think dad rocks! So we chose a fun, creative craft to express that. A rock frame!


  • Craft sticks (16 per craft)
  • Pebble rocks
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Paper (we printed our words, but they can be hand-written)
  • Scissors


  1. Count out 16 craft sticks per craft.
  2. Using the markers, color the craft sticks on one side and down the edges (unless you have colored craft sticks).
  3. Lay out 10 craft sticks, colored side down, side by side.
  4. Put glue on three additional craft sticks, place one toward the top, middle and bottom of the 10 craft sticks.
  5. Print out your message, cut your note paper to t your craft stick frame (ours was 4-inch by 4-inch). If you cut your paper first, then write your message on it.
  6. Glue your paper onto your craft stick frame.
  7. Glue a frame of rocks around the edge of your paper, leaving a craft stick border at the bottom and the top.
  8. Make a frame stand: Take two craft sticks and glue them side by side.
  9. Before the glue dries up, put glue on one end of a third craft stick and insert it in between the two craft sticks. Angle the third craft stick so that the unglued end sits right below the top most horizontal craft stick on the square frame.
  10. Apply glue on the other end of the two craft sticks. And press the square frame to this other end.