It’s official. Spring is here, bringing with it warmer temperatures, higher pollen counts, and a few potential health risks for our pets. With a little effort, we can help our pets avoid most of these risks.

As the days get warmer, our pets are more likely to encounter fleas, ticks, snakes, and toads. Fleas and ticks are annoying to our pets and they can transmit diseases like Lyme disease. Very small animals, especially puppies and kittens, can die due to anemia if they have heavy flea and/or tick infestations. There are all types of products to control fleas and ticks. You should discuss with your veterinarian the most effective one for your pet. If your pet lives or travels to areas where there are rattlesnakes, consider a vaccine to the venom available at most clinics, including the Valley Oak SPCA vaccine clinic, which occurs every weekday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. The clinic also offers topical flea treatment, which lasts about a month. Toads and frogs in this area are not terribly toxic, but they can cause vomiting if our pets try to eat them. Usually the vomiting occurs shortly after a pet puts a frog or toad in their mouths. Smart pets will learn to avoid the toads and frogs, but owners can try to minimize the chance that these critters are in the yard.

A variety of plants and fungi can also pose dangers to our pets. Sago Palms can cause fatal liver failure in dogs. In the spring, mushrooms often pop up in our yards. Most are harmless, but some are dangerous and even fatal if a pet eats them. There can be dangers from houseplants as well. With Spring approaching, many people will have lilies inside the home. Cats are extremely sensitive to the toxin found in most lilies. If you think your kitty nibbles on a lily, take them to a veterinarian ASAP. A list of toxic plants and other poisons may be found at

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