Homemade food gifts are fun to make and share, especially during the holidays. There is something so special about giving a gift that you’ve put your hands and heart into — delicious cookies and cakes, spiced nuts, and even homemade beverages and liqueurs. I love sharing mixes, too; they extend that holiday feeling long after other treats have disappeared. Soups and pancake mixes are a great way to stretch out the celebrations, and over the years friends and family have anticipated the arrival of their favorites all wrapped up in baskets and bows.

Holiday Ho Ho Cocoa Mix (adapted from an old Girl Scout Camp recipe) has been a hands-down favorite for my family. Every year we would break out our biggest mixing bowl and whisk up a huge batch, making an extra-sweet gift for our neighbors, teachers, coaches, and Scout leaders. This is a perfect mix for kids to help with; they’ll have fun choosing flavors, mixing the cocoa, dipping and sprinkling the spoons and helping to wrap the goodies in bags, boxes, and mugs. Don’t forget to fill up your favorite holiday tin with enough for your family to enjoy together as you celebrate the holiday season!

Holiday Ho Ho Cocoa Mix

In a very large bowl, combine:

  • 8 C powdered dry milk
  • 2 lbs. Nestle Quik Powdered Chocolate Milk Mix
  • 1 lb. box confectioner’s (powdered) sugar
  • 1 lb. coffee creamer, plain or flavored
  • 2 – 3 oz. canisters “Mallow Bits” tiny marshmallows (mix in or package separately)


Using a large whisk, mix together until everything is thoroughly combined and there are no lumps. If the powdered sugar looks lumpy in the box, sift it into the bowl.

Store in airtight containers or Ziploc bags. Makes about 20 cups of mix.

To make the cocoa, combine 4 T dry mix with 1 C hot water and mix well. Multiply by appropriate quantities for serving in batches.

Want to give it a little something extra?

  • Top with more marshmallows or whipped cream and miniature chocolate chips
  • For peppermint cocoa, drop a candy cane into the hot cocoa and stir
  • Dip plastic spoons in chocolate candy melts and stir in for extra rich cocoa
  • For cinnamon cocoa, drop a few red-hot candies into the hot cocoa and stir
  • Dip spoons into peanut butter candy melts to stir in for chocolate-peanut butter cocoa
  • Try dipping spoons in different candy melt flavors: raspberry, marshmallow, eggnog, gingerbread, etc.
  • Before the chocolate sets, sprinkle the dipped spoons with holiday sprinkles, tiny marshmallows, crushed candy canes or miniature chocolate chips

As you can see, the possibilities are deliciously endless. Enjoy, and Happiest Holidays to you!

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