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When Should We Start Planning for College?

It is terribly stressful to start at the beginning of the senior year. With all of the activities going on, students who have not started preparing will find themselves with too little time to show off “their best self,” not to mention the stress level. It is not too early to start having discussions about college in middle school.

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Summer Plans

Summer is upon us, and many students are trying to think about what they can do to strengthen their college applications. Let’s talk about how to plan your summer activities so you can have fun and still enhance your college applications.

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Seniors: Acceptance Letters Are Not Irrevocable!

So it is second semester and seniors are getting acceptance letters and starting to think about which college they will choose to attend. If you are a senior feeling pretty good about your acceptance letters and where you will attend, take warning! It is important that you do not suffer the crippling disease known as Senioritis.

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College Bound? Have You Filed The FAFSA?

What is the income cutoff when I do not need to file the FAFSA” (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)? This is a question I am frequently asked by families I work with, and unfortunately, there is not a cut-and-dry answer. There is sometimes a debate about who should file the FAFSA when applying to college. Some independent advisors do not recommend that everyone files a FAFSA. Then there are those of us who believe that most everyone should file the FAFSA regardless of income level. So let’s discuss the reasons why even families who are “well off” financially should file the FAFSA.

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High School Kids and Social Security

You might think the last thing a high school kid would be interested in, or want to learn about, would be Social Security. And you’d be right. But I thought it was a good idea to get teenagers to think about the subject — from both a historical and economic viewpoint, and from the perspective of their own budding relationship with the program. Today, I will share with you some of the things I told these kids.

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What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name?” is a familiar quote by William Shakespeare in which Juliet suggests that Romeo’s name does not matter. Perhaps this would be a good quote for us to consider when choosing a great college as well.

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