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Tips from the Auto Shop

Got a smart phone? Well good, this is a great opportunity that can help both you and me in diagnosing your car’s issue. When your car makes that funny noise, record it. When something is on the ground under your car, take a picture of it. When a light comes on the dash or you hear something strange, record it, take a video, or snap a picture!

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Classic Cars

Lately we’ve had some classic cars in our shop. It has been fun and a nice change, back to when things were simple and straightforward. Let’s see, we’ve had a ‘39 Ford Coupe, a few ‘65 Mustangs, a 1962 Rolls Silver Cloud, a ‘68 VW Bug, a ‘54 Chevy Sedan, and a few others. My friend Dave Enns just had his 1966 GTO in after taking a few years to restore. This was normal for us growing up in the ‘50s and ‘60s, so when someone looks at me and asks if I can work on classic cars, I just look at them and smile. So, if you have a “classic,” give us a call and we would be glad to work on it for you.

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Quoting a Price

We get a lot of calls everyday. I would say the majority of calls are related to getting an estimate or price quote. Some things are pretty straightforward. For example, if you want to know about an oil change and filter, tire rotation, coolant flush, or other routine maintenance, we can easily quote you a price.

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The Need to Keep it Clean

You’ve probably been told to have your transmission, power steering, or coolant flushed, but you might wonder if it really needs to be done. Keeping your fluids and filters changed is critical if you want to protect your...

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