Category: May 2019

Summer Reading

Summer is around the corner. For many, that means children are out of school. The Tulare County Library invites you to get out of the heat and enjoy the cool air at one of our local Tulare County Library branches.

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To Hire or Not to Hire a College Consultant

In light of the recent scandal involving college admissions, the college admissions consultant (independent educational consultant or IEC) has come under extreme scrutiny. Since this profession is growing rapidly (2,500 in 2014, 7,500 in 2019), it is important for families to know what they are looking for in a good consultant and whether it is worth the cost to hire one.

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Bringing Business to Town

Many residents inquire about the city’s role in bringing new retailers and industry into our community. An important thing to understand is the difference between a “primary” and “secondary” job in economic development terms, and how they relate to each other.

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Faith-Based, but in Whom, or What?

Famous atheistic philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach maintained that belief in God was merely a projection of the human fear of death upon the heavens. In other words, Feuerbach said we fear death so much that we “invent” a God who promises us eternal life, thereby creating a coping mechanism that relieves our fears.

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