Category: January 2019

Streaming Has Won, Complicating Ownership

Streaming video services encourage us to pay more and watch more than when we bought discs. Many people subscribe to Netflix and Amazon Prime. They purchase movies from iTunes, Google Play and Vudu. We’re spending more on the content we watch; meanwhile, what it means to own that content has changed.

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Thank You, Visalia!

In November, the voters of Visalia approved Measure A, a general obligation bond that levies $105 million in local funds that, through matching funds from the state, will bring us nearly $225 million in improved and new school facilities. On behalf of Visalia Unified, I wish to thank our community for its support of our schools. 

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Now that you have that tablet and e-reader…

While there seems to be an ongoing discussion about preferences toward print books or e-books, Tulare County Library provides both. For those who received an e-reader such as an Amazon Kindle, iPad or Android tablet for the holidays, here are some suggestions on where to find good reads for your new device, which are free to Tulare County Library card holders in good standing.

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When Should We Start Planning for College?

It is terribly stressful to start at the beginning of the senior year. With all of the activities going on, students who have not started preparing will find themselves with too little time to show off “their best self,” not to mention the stress level. It is not too early to start having discussions about college in middle school.

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Combatting Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is one of the fastest-growing and most profitable criminal industries in the world. The most common forms of human trafficking are for the purposes of sexual exploitation and forced labor – both are forms of modern-day slavery in which victims are controlled by their traffickers through the use of force, fraud or coercion for sex or labor services.

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