Category: May 2018

Quiet Progress

During the first few months of 2018, the city of Visalia has been involved in a number of substantial matters that don’t always appear in the local press. That is why I write this monthly article to keep you informed. While other towns and governing boards seem to be filling the printed page lately, Visalia and our City Council continue to quietly make progress and serve our residents.

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Recollections From a Grateful Mother

As I was thinking about Mother’s Day approaching this month, I got to thinking about Mother’s Day of last year. I remember it vividly. My husband works as a firefighter and was on the schedule that day, so off I went to work in the morning dragging my 2-year-old and 5-month-old along with me.

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You Want To Risk

On my walk to work this morning, air crisp and clear after an overnight rainstorm, I walk past a man sitting on the street corner. I immediately recognize him as a former resident in our Life Change Academy, who left early on in the program.

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Eligible or Ready?

Prior to development of the California School Dashboard, our focus was primarily on getting kids to graduation, ensuring that those who wanted to go to college met all the entrance criteria for the school of their choice, and helping all other students have some chance of landing a job.

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A Selfless Duo

Many students can’t wait for the school bell to ring at the end of the day so that they can go home. But at Visalia Technical Early College High School (VTEC), when classes are over, the work continues. This is where juniors Emilee Flaming and Emma Fleetwood have devoted many of their 6,000 combined volunteer hours.

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