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Meet The Alliums

Just when you thought that it was too late in the season to plant vegetables in the garden, you will be happy to learn that you can still plant members of the allium family. For those who don’t speak botanical Latin, alliums are members of the onion family.

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A Warm and Wonderful New Year!

Start the New Year off on a most delicious note with Gingerbread Apple French Toast Bake. Sugar-dusted squares of apples and French bread, encased in warmly spiced milk and egg filling accented with molasses, can hardly wait for a drizzle of maple syrup. Make it the night before, and pop it into the oven when you wake for a perfect Rose Parade and football game- watching breakfast. This dish is ideal for brunch with family and friends, with bacon or sausage, and fresh fruit. Happy 2018!

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Planning for Growth

Among the most challenging things that we face from a planning perspective is enrollment growth, and by mid-year, we are deep into decision making regarding anticipated changes in enrollment. When considering growth, it is important to note that growth is a good thing for schools. Growing enrollment means that programs that serve kids can grow.

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