Category: February 2018

Slow Cooker Chocolate Candy Clusters

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and along with it the age-old question: “What kind of candy will I give?” Of course, you can purchase your candy gifts – the National Retail Federation reports that Americans spent around $1.7 billion on candy for their Valentines in the last couple of years – but it’s so fun and easier than you think to make your own.

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Making Music Has Never Been Easier

Music embraces technology. From the earliest drum and flute to the modern synthesizer and digital audio workstation (DAW) software, humans have applied scientific discoveries to create musical instruments. Instruments evolve and music changes, yet the joy of music continues to connect us within and across communities.

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College Bound? Have You Filed The FAFSA?

What is the income cutoff when I do not need to file the FAFSA” (Free Application for Federal Student Aid)? This is a question I am frequently asked by families I work with, and unfortunately, there is not a cut-and-dry answer. There is sometimes a debate about who should file the FAFSA when applying to college. Some independent advisors do not recommend that everyone files a FAFSA. Then there are those of us who believe that most everyone should file the FAFSA regardless of income level. So let’s discuss the reasons why even families who are “well off” financially should file the FAFSA.

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Life Change

What are you doing right now? No seriously, right now what are you doing? Obviously, you are reading this article but where are you? At home? At Work? Is it breakfast time? Is it right before you go to bed? Why did you pick it up? Are you just passing time? Do you read it every month? Did you stumble on it? All of these questions should get you thinking. I hope that as you read this article you would begin to question why you do the things that you do.

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Stay Tuned

Last month, I wrote about the 2017 business and retail developments in Visalia. I ran out of space to describe the many new projects that are coming to Visalia in 2018.

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Who We Are

Every year, I make presentations to local service clubs and other groups about the progress of the school district. One part of the presentation that frequently generates interest from the audience is the description of the demographics of our student population.

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