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A New Year Filled with Promise

For Visalia Unified, the new year is also a time of promise and potential. With the arrival of kids in August, summer work to upgrade and maintain facilities ends, training for staff concludes, and materials for classes and programs arrive at schools. A school year opens with enthusiasm that follows a new beginning.

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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Easy Ice Cream!

August brings with it a time of transition where the weather still screams “summer” as our kids grab their backpacks and head out the door for the first day of school. Homemade ice cream makes a perfect afternoon snack or dessert on a 100-degree day, and this tasty, no-churn recipe is so easy, you’ll be making it long after the temperatures lose their sizzle!

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The Importance of Pet Vaccinations

Vaccinating your cat or dog is one of the most important steps of being a responsible pet owner. Puppies and kittens need vaccinations to protect them from serious diseases just like children do. Adult dogs and cats need annual boosters to keep them healthy as well. The exact vaccinations that your pet needs can vary by breed, age, medical history, environment, travel habits and lifestyle.

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School Threats

With a new school year beginning, the Visalia Police Department, in partnership with the Visalia Unified School District, continues to take steps to ensure that our youth have a safe learning environment.

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Gardening: Grow Your Own Green Onions

Slender green onions are easy to grow even in the smallest of garden spaces or containers. They are a root vegetable, with green stems growing above-ground (sometimes called scallions) and a white bulb (the root) growing below ground. The awesome fact about these onions is that the entire plant may be eaten.

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Dividend Investing: Small Payments can Boost Return

Owning shares of stock or stock funds might increase the value of your portfolio in one of two fundamental ways: capital appreciation (i.e., price increases) and dividend payments. Of the two, capital appreciation carries the greatest potential for return, but it also carries the greatest potential for loss. And any gains or losses are only reaped when you sell your shares.

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