Category: November 2017

Concussion Rehab

As the research continues to grow on diagnosis and prevention of concussion management, the question is still posed…what can I do after a concussion is diagnosed?

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Fall Scarf Trends

They may be the last thing you put on, but scarves can instantly transform anything you wear. Take a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, add a silky swath of flowers and tassels and you’ve got a whole new way of greeting the world. Oh yeah, they can keep you warm, too! So many possibilities, so little time.

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Life is Busy

When people ask how things are, many of us normally say something like, “Things are busy!” We all have to balance school, sports, work, family, date nights (man, I’m bad at this), and somehow keeping the house clean.

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The Scoop on Soil

For almost six years, Master Gardeners have been writing gardening articles for children and families. We always teach children and adults to use purchased garden soil or amended garden soil for plantings. But we have never talked about soil and why good soil is necessary for success in gardening!

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