Category: August 2017

The Risk and Reward for CrossFit Athletes

On August 26, 2017, male and female athletes of all ages will meet at the Tulare Ag Center to participate in the Central Valley Throwdown, a “CrossFit” event. Along with their coaches and box mates, these athletes are going to have the opportunity to determine the results of their training and mental preparation in an effort to set new PRs, and possibly stand amongst the area’s top athletes at this years Central Valley Throwdown.

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A Modest Heart

The New York Times printed an article entitled, “She’s Got to Be a Macho Girl.” It reads, “John Bernard is 16, strapping, handsome, a hormonal hot-pocket of a teenager. Guys like him were once every father’s nightmare. No longer. ‘The girls are way more aggressive than the boys,’ John said. ‘They have more attitude. They have more power. And they overpower guys more. I mean, it’s scary.’”

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Grow an African Violet From a Leaf

Propagating new plants can happen by planting seeds, by dividing clumps of plant roots, or by taking cuttings. Summer is not the best time to plant seeds outdoors or divide plants due to the heat, but you can still propagate new plants indoors with leaf cuttings. Children and adults find it fascinating and fun to watch their leaf cuttings grow and develop.

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