This cute mini-apple tree would make a great back-to-school gift for your child’s teacher, or it could be a fun craft for your kids to make in preparation for the upcoming fall season. For this simple craft, all you need are cardboard toilet paper tubes, paint, a chenille stem, and a small tree branch.


  • Cardboard toilet paper tubes (2-4)
  • Green and/or red non-toxic paint
  • Brown chenille stems
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Tree branch
  • Non-toxic glue gun
  • Green construction paper
  • Empty jar or can
  • Shredded newspaper or sand


  • Paint each tube red or green and let dry.
  • Cut the cardboard tube into circles, approximately ½-inch wide
  • For the apples, take cardboard circles and put them together to form ball. Staple or glue them together.
  • Take 2-inches of the brown chenille and twist to make a hook on one end. Then glue the other end to the apple.
  • Fill the empty jar or can with shredded newspaper or sand.
  • Place the tree branch in the container.
  • Using the twisted stem, hang the apples on the tree branch.
  • Cut out some leaves with the green construction paper and glue them on to the branches.