On July 2 we got a text message notifying us that our daughter Katie had suffered an AVM, arterial vein malfunction, and was being admitted to John Muir ICU hospital in Walnut Creek. My wife and I were once again hit with something that many people may never experience. We thought Katie’s son Joel’s brain tumor at two-and-a-half year’s old was unimaginable, and now this! So again, we drove to the bay area not knowing whether our daughter would be with us any longer. The week before, we had just celebrated Joel’s fifth birthday. He is now two and a half years in remission. We did not know that in less than a week our daughter would be in ICU fighting for her life. But once again, we were shown grace and mercy. I can’t tell you how our life has been forever changed. Yes, our lives have been “shaken” once again. Katie is now recovering and is home. So in this article, I want to say thank you. First, to my wife Margie who has been there every day for Katie, as well as the full year she was there for Joel. Also, thank you to all who prayed and supported our daughter, as well as us, and to my team at the Auto Shop, Juan, Tim, Shawn, and Lori, for covering for me. This is not Thanksgiving yet, but we received an early blessing. I am thankful, grateful, and humbled yet again.

– Jim and Staff

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